Degree Options in India


Students who are still considering which subject to study can benefit from a certificate program. Certificate programs are short-term and provide opportunities to explore a subject before committing full-time. This is also an option for students who would like to improve their grades/GPA before applying to a degree program.

Bachelor's Degree

The degree program, commonly known as the undergraduate or bachelor's degree, is the most popular choice in higher education and is a prerequisite for post-graduate programs. Undergraduate programs can range from 3 years (Arts and Sciences), 4 years (Engineering), and 5 years (Medicine)


A Master's degree allows students to specialize in a specific field and is awarded to those who demonstrate high level of academic talent. Most Master's programs require the student to successfully complete a research project and submit a thesis based on his/her analysis. A Master's degree generally takes 2-3 years to complete.

Doctorate (PhD)

A doctorate/PhD is considered the highest level of education. Holding a PhD qualifies an individual to teach their specialization at universities. Doctoral programs require the student to submit a detailed dissertation worthy of being submitted to academic journals or presented at a research conference.