Types of Higher Education Institutions in India

Universities and University Level Institutions

Central Universities

Central Universities are managed and funded by the Indian government. Curriculum is common across the country in all such institutions.

State Universities

State Universities are managed and funded by their respective state governments. Curriculum and examination patterns will vary with every state.

Institutes of National Importance

Private institutions which have gained national importance with their impeccable curriculum and academic standards fall under this category. They are highly reputable, most competitive and internationally recognized.

Deemed to be Universities

Colleges and private institutions recognized for their high caliber education are deemed to be universities. This status grants full autonomy with respect to setting both the curriculum as well as admissions requirements. Programs and requirements will vary between institutions.


Affiliated Colleges

The vast majority of colleges in India are Affiliated Colleges which follow their affiliated university’s curriculum, examination structure, and grading protocol. Transcripts and degrees are awarded by the university.

Autonomous Colleges

Autonomous colleges are overseen by universities, but operate under a different protocol and can set their own curriculum and admission requirements. They award provisional certificates with the name of the college printed on the transcripts.