Why Study in Canada?

Students choose Canada because a strong education and a positive international experience is the foundation for their exciting and successful futures. The quality, affordability and renowned research opportunities are key factors in this decision. University campuses across Canada offer multicultural environments, beautiful spaces and friendly people.

As a leader in business, political diplomacy, technology, arts and culture — Canada’s education system is at the core of its success and its graduates are players on the world stage.

According to the Postsecondary Student Information System (PSIS), international students accounted for about 4% of all students enrolled in Canadian universities in 1992. By 2008, the share of international students had doubled, reaching 8% of all university students in Canada. These changes are the result of an increase in the overall number of international students at Canadian universities from 36,822 in 1992 to 87,798 in 2008.

Overall, the number of students enrolled in doctoral and master degree programs has decreased. In contrast, the shares enrolled in bachelor’s level programs rose from 55% in 1992 to 67% in 2008. In 1992, students from Asia accounted for 49.8% of international students and reached 52.7% in 2008. The next largest group consists of students from Europe, with their share being 16.3% in 1992 and 17.9% in 2008.

While studying at some of our Canadian university or college partners, students may be eligible for a part time off campus work permit. Upon completion of their program, they may be eligible for a post graduate work permit for up to three years.

Canadian universities and colleges offer programs that range from fine art to biology, commerce, astronomy, media studies, and religion. At present, these universities and university colleges offer more than 10,000 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, professional courses and certificates.