Why Study in India?

With more than 500 accredited universities, India is at the forefront of the most rapidly developing sectors in today’s global economy, making it an ideal place to earn a world class education. What’s more, while living and learning in India, international students will experience one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world.

As the most populous democratic country in the world, India embodies and embraces diversity and multiculturalism. With more than 22 languages and 6 religions, India welcomes international students to experience the unique sights, sounds, and flavors of its different states and regions.

India's education system plays a leading role in the fields of business management, finance, healthcare, and information technology. Students educated at Indian universities are leaving their mark on a global scale with their astute leadership skills. High quality instruction with increased affordability offers international students a high return on their investment in education.

In addition to a strong curriculum, India’s educational institutions comprise a robust infrastructure that enables students to gain practical experience in their chosen career fields. Opportunities in India for research, internships, and careers with multinational companies make a conducive environment for professional development during and after studies.

Universities in India have hosted international students for more than 50 years and are equipped to provide high quality resources and a safe, supportive environment. Most large institutions have an established International Student Office and are fully capable of supporting international students from varied ethnic, cultural, and educational backgrounds. Studying in an Indian institution enables students to face the challenges of a global market while enjoying life in a vibrant environment full of rich customs and traditions.

All ELS-pathway universities are highly-recognized, English-medium institutions where the curricular materials, classroom instruction, and business communication are in English.