Boston Architectural College

Housing Location Type Offers Scholarships Student Population Offers CLA
Available for Undergraduate and Graduate Urban No 900 (Total) Yes
Degrees Offered Public/Private Institution Type Student Body Student Population
Bachelor, Master Private Master: Colleges and Universities Co-educational 150 (International)

Yearly Costs / ELS Level

Living Expenses
Degree Tuition Fees Housing ** Meals OtherExpenses I 20/Visa* (Total Required Funds) ELS
Bachelor $$$ $ $$$ $ $$ $$$$ 112
Master $$$ $ $$$ $ $$ $$$$ 112
 I-20/Visa costs include Tuition, Housing, Meals and all other fees in USD
Housing cost may include meals and other expenses to equal Living Expenses


The Boston Architectural College (BAC) is an independent, professional college in Boston's Back Bay that provides an exceptional design education by combining academic learning with innovative experiential learning and by making its programs accessible to diverse communities. Founded in 1889 as a club for practicing architects, the BAC has remained closely tied to Boston's professional design community throughout its history. Students are taught, mentored, and advised by over 400 practicing professionals, strengthening the connection between workplace experience and classroom learning. The College offers professional and accredited graduate and undergraduate degrees in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, and design studies. The core of the BAC experience is a unique learning model where design education happens in the classroom and in the professional workplace simultaneously. Students acquire vital professional skills and expertise through hands-on projects and real-world employment while attending their classes and studios onsite or online, earning credit and gaining experience in both settings. BAC graduates are accomplished designers with impressive resumes, portfolios, and professional networks. -Average low temperature (winter): 22°F / -5°C -Average high temperature (summer): 82°F / 27°C


Students generally live in apartments in the Boston area. Due to its convenient location, the College is easily accessible from most neighborhoods and suburbs without the need of a car. The public transportation system is extensive in Boson and the campus is served by a number of subway, bus and commuter rail train line. BAC also participates in a student housing network through its affiliation with the ProArts consortium of colleges.

Student life

The Boston Architectural College (BAC) in the heart of downtown Boston, surrounded by inspiring architecture, museums, performance venues, colleges and universities.