Indiana Wesleyan University

Key majors offered
Business Administration
Intercultural Studies
International And Community Development
International Relations
Housing Location Type Offers Scholarships Student Population Offers CLA
Available for Undergraduate Urban Yes 15872 (Total) Yes
Degrees Offered Public/Private Institution Type Student Body Student Population
Associate, Career/Undergraduate Certificate, Bachelor Private Baccalaureate College Co-educational 172 (International)

Yearly Costs / ELS Level

Living Expenses
Degree Tuition Fees Housing ** Meals OtherExpenses I 20/Visa* (Total Required Funds) ELS
Associate $$$ $$ $$$$ 109
Career/Undergraduate Certificate 109
Bachelor $$$ $$ $$$$ 112
 I-20/Visa costs include Tuition, Housing, Meals and all other fees in USD
Housing cost may include meals and other expenses to equal Living Expenses


The IWU Main Campus is located in Marion, Indiana. Marion is a small city of about 30,000 people, and is within driving distance of Indianapolis, Chicago, Cincinnati and Fort Wayne. Indiana Wesleyan University is noted for its award-winning 345-acre (1.40 km2) main campus in Marion, Indiana. During the past two decades, nearly $250 million has been spent on new construction and renovation, and the campus is valued in excess of $360 million. Since 1990, over 50 construction projects have been completed, including 20 residence halls and 16 academic/administrative buildings, along with 11 adult and professional studies structures around the Midwest.


IWU has residence facilities avaible to undergraduates at the Main Campus in Marion, Indiana. These facilites include residence halls, and apartments and townhouses available to upper classmen and married couples.

Student life

A day in the life of a student attending college on Indiana Wesleyan University's traditional campus typically includes classes at various times of the day, setting aside time to attend chapel, laboratory work in the afternoon, part-time employment on campus and time for meals, studying and relaxation in the evening. Sometimes there are special events, speakers or programs during the day, but most activities, movies, social gatherings, concerts and athletic events are held in the evenings and on Saturdays. Students living on campus spend time interacting with their floormates and a world-class Residence Life staff, hanging out in the hall with friends, doing hall activities and floor-to-floor intramural competitions and, of course, doing laundry every once in a while. Living on campus often affords more free time due to less travel or home responsibilities and allows for greater connections with a wider range of students. International Students enjoy being a part of The International Student Association or ISA. ISA is an organization on campus designed to help international students connect with one another and provide fun opportunities to explore Indiana a little more in-depth.