International School of Management [ISM Campus in Cologne]

Key majors offered
International Business
International Management
International Management
Housing Location Type Offers Scholarships Student Population Offers CLA
Available for Undergraduate and Graduate Urban Yes 90 (Total) Yes
Degrees Offered Public/Private Student Body Student Population
Bachelor, Master Private Co-educational 11 (International)

Yearly Costs / ELS Level

Living Expenses
Degree Tuition Fees Housing ** Meals OtherExpenses I 20/Visa ELS
Bachelor €€ 109
Master €€ 112
Housing cost may include meals and other expenses to equal Living Expenses


"Et kütt wie et kütt" - Cologne dialect for the phrase "What will be, will be" perfectly encapsulates the typically relaxed and optimistic way in which Cologne welcomes its visitors. The city's easy-going take on life owes something to its unique history. Founded by the Romans, ideally situated on the River Rhine and a hub for key trading routes, Cologne soon grew to become what it is today - a vibrant and dynamic metropolis. Even today, Cologne represents a blend of big city life and regional traits. Rhinelanders are uncomplicated and outgoing folk, yet very proud of their city - not just the local dialect and that famous kölsch beer but also the Cologne Carnival. During carnival season (known locally as the 'fifth season' of the year), revelers - young and old, side by side - take to Cologne's streets to indulge in colorful merrymaking. Cologne's history goes back a long way. Signs of the city's rich heritage can be found at almost every street corner, from Roman city walls to medieval churches. Hohe Straße, the bustling downtown shopping street, has a colorful history as a trading location dating back some 2,000 years. Cologne Cathedral, the city's landmark, was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996 and attracts 6 million visitors from all over the world every year. Yet Cologne is also a modern city, with countless galleries, festivals and musicals. What has kept the city so young and dynamic over the years is the fact that it is home to more than 80,000 students. Cologne is a popular place to work. Companies from a wide variety of industries have made Cologne their home over the past decades, beginning with the carmaker Ford. The REWE grocery chain and numerous subsidiaries, the AXA insurance group and the chemicals firms Lanxess and Bayer are also attractive among students seeking internships and their first jobs, as are the numerous media companies based in the city.

Student life

ISM students have founded a number of student clubs, ranging from consulting (AK ConsultISM) and tourism (AK TourISM) to politics (AK PolitISM) and finance (AK Banking). AK Support, for example, is involved with social projects. ISM students also enjoy participating in sports. The ISM Sports Club, for example, organizes tournaments in soccer, tennis or other activities, not only within the ISM, but also in competition with other universities. Another popular activity among ISM students is the Running Dinner. Here, students, lecturers, alumni and staff members come together to cook a three course menu, each course being prepared at a different house or flat. Like students all over the world, ISM students love to party, and they often flock to the numerous parties organized by the party committee. These parties are a great chance to meet local students and have lots of fun! Average low temperature (winter): 0ᵒ C Average high temperature (summer): 25ᵒ C