International School of Management [ISM Main Campus in Dortmund]

Key majors offered
International Business
International Management
Mba - General Management
International Management
Housing Location Type Offers Scholarships Student Population Offers CLA
Available for Undergraduate and Graduate Urban Yes 780 (Total) Yes
Degrees Offered Public/Private Student Body Student Population
Bachelor, Master Private Co-educational 93 (International)

Yearly Costs / ELS Level

Living Expenses
Degree Tuition Fees Housing ** Meals OtherExpenses I 20/Visa ELS
Bachelor €€ 109
Master €€ 112
Housing cost may include meals and other expenses to equal Living Expenses


Once practically synonymous with coal mining and steel works, Dortmund, the biggest city in the Ruhr area, is now famous for its soccer team, BVB Borussia Dortmund, the Dortmund Concert Hall and the Hohensyburg Casino. While visitors to Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg immediately experience the flair of the big city, Dortmund today is still characterized by old mining museums and abandoned shaft towers, extensive parks and an urban atmosphere. There is so much to do in the city, including the bars in and around the Kreuzviertel neighborhood, a wide variety of clubs to suit all tastes as well as the cafes at the Old Market (Alter Markt). Outdoor events such as the Christmas Market, Dortmund à la Carte" and the "Night of Industrial Culture" attract many visitors as well. The city is also popular among students because of its cheap rental prices. In Germany's sixth-largest city, good-quality, low-cost accommodation can be found in student residence halls or apartments either near downtown or not far from the International School of Management. What is more, ISM students benefit from Dortmund's central location. Unlike many other big cities in Germany, residents of the Ruhr area do not just live in "their" city but in "Ruhr City" - a huge metropolitan area that covers cities including Dortmund, Bochum, Essen and Recklinghausen. And the people of Dortmund also enjoy traveling to the nearby Rhineland. While "Ruhr City" is the place to go for rediscovered industrial culture, down-to-earth locals and warm hospitality, Dusseldorf, less than 70 km away, has an international atmosphere with stylish clubs and branches of almost every single international luxury brand. Good transportation links mean that these cities are easy to reach after lectures or for a night out. Shopping in Oberhausen's Centro shopping mall or Dusseldorf's exclusive "Kö" (Königsallee) or a quick trip to Cologne's carnival or Bottrop's indoor skiing center are all part of student life on campus.

Student life

ISM students have founded a number of student clubs, ranging from consulting (AK ConsultISM) and tourism (AK TourISM) to politics (AK PolitISM) and finance (AK Banking). AK Support, for example, is involved with social projects. ISM students also enjoy participating in sports. The ISM Sports Club, for example, organizes tournaments in soccer, tennis or other activities, not only within the ISM, but also in competition with other universities. Another popular activity among ISM students is the Running Dinner. Here, students, lecturers, alumni and staff members come together to cook a three course menu, each course being prepared at a different house or flat. Like students all over the world, ISM students love to party, and they often flock to the numerous parties organized by the party committee. These parties are a great chance to meet local students and have lots of fun!