SRM Institute of Science & Technology

Key majors offered
Business Administration
Electronics And Control Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Business Administration
Computer Science And Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Housing Location Type Offers Scholarships Offers CLA
Available for Undergraduate and Graduate Suburban Yes Yes
Degrees Offered Public/Private Student Body
Bachelor, Master, Doctorate Private Co-educational

Yearly Costs / ELS Level

Living Expenses
Degree Tuition Fees Housing ** Meals OtherExpenses I 20/Visa ELS
Bachelor $ 109
Master $ 109
Doctorate $ $ 109
Housing cost may include meals and other expenses to equal Living Expenses


The SRM University (SRM) is one of the top-ranking universities in India, offering a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs in Engineering, Management, Medicine, Health Sciences, Science and Humanities. Students can choose from a wide range of cutting-edge programs. Flexible and dynamic curricula, exciting research, and global connections are the features that set SRM apart. In addition, SRM is noted for the diversity of its faculty, who come from 14 different countries around the world including India. The campus is equipped with all the latest facilities, such as: multimedia enabled, fully air-conditioned classrooms with videoconferencing to connect the SRM University campuses; a central library with vast knowledge resources, both printed and electronic; wireless-enabled campuses with state-of-the-art computer labs operating high capacity servers with multiple operating systems; a multidimensional nanotechnology research center with industry and academic associations; student support facilities and clubs for counseling, career guidance, and placements; separate hostels for men and women on the campus, with all facilities for study and recreation; and excellent sports and recreation facilities on campus with a fully equipped gym and dedicated facilities for tennis, basketball, badminton, yoga and even horse-riding. The SRM University main campus of 250 acres (Kattankulathur) is 40 kilometers from Chennai city on NH 45, and around 20 kilometers from Chennai Airport. The nearest bus stop and railway station is Potheri. The university is well connected by road, rail and air. The campus is well landscaped with ample greenery. It includes state-of-the art infrastructure and facilities, while sculptures and paintings dot the campus, serving as a source of inspiration and relaxation. Average Low Temp (winter): 77°F/25°C Average High Temp (summer): 87°F/31°C


The student accommodation at SRM is a "home away from home". There are separate hostels for men and women on the campus, with all the necessary facilities for study and recreation. The rooms are neatly spaced with furniture and study tables. Hostels are well equipped with modern kitchens serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Besides hostel dining facility, there are food outlets and cafes too, open 12 to 15 hours a day, offering fast-food, pastries, juice and ice cream. A staff quarters is also available at the main Kattankulathur campus to house 120 staff and their families.

Student life

Walking and cycling are the most popular ways to get around the SRM campus. And with state-of-the-art security and 24 hour emergency services, it's the safest place to be. The SRM group runs a fleet of buses for transporting students to and from the city and to other areas. Public transport buses and trains also ply to points near the campuses It's a diverse community of students at SRM University, and the activities on offer are as diverse and varied too. From entertainment to extra-curricular or even religious pursuits, there's never a dull moment on campus. There's never a dull moment on campus, as the activities on offer are as diverse and varied too - from entertainment to extra-curricular or even religious pursuits. All activity related to extracurricular programs, forums, clubs, community service, and entrepreneurship cell and students council are managed by the student affairs department. Counselors are available to guide students and share personal issues. It's a 'mini India' out here at the SRM university campus - with students from all over India and other parts of the world. The campus reflects this cosmopolitan aspect of the student community, with celebrations of regional festivals. Several clubs are active on the SRM university campus, initiated by enthusiastic students. The Robotics Club is a good example, motivating students, distributing low cost kits, conducting workshops and organizing competitions. The main Campus (Kattankulathur) enrolls about 8500 students; 6000 undergraduate; 2500 graduate; 1200 international.